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Transformative Skilling Programs for India’s Youth

The importance of skilling programs for the youth

In a country like India, where there is still a great divide between the urban-rural landscape and different socio-economic levels, it is still a challenge to ensure that each and every child has access to the kind of education that will guarantee the right livelihood as they reach adulthood.

The unemployment rate, for the 15-29 age group, according to a report submitted by the Labor Ministry, is at an abysmal 13.3%. This not only negatively impacts the individual but also the family, community, and nation as a whole.

How do we bridge this gap between education and employment and ensure that no youngster is left jobless and unproductive during the most productive years of their life? This is where Sona Yukti steps in with programs for skilling the youth, in partnership with the government of India’s Skill India program called National Skill Development Corporation. Every year Sona Yukti trains more than 10,000 students every year across different states of the country and gives a better livelihood of career and sustainable placement.

The aim of Skill India is to train more than 40 crore of youth of all demographics by the year 2022. How does the government aim to do this? It aims to do this by partnering with committed organizations like Sona Yukti which has training centers all over the country, conducting programs across diverse streams ranging from retail and IT to construction and healthcare.

Sona Yukti currently conducts programs across 12 different sectors, including a course in Japanese language proficiency. Whether it is textiles, apparel, tourism & hospitality, media & entertainment, beauty & wellness, electronics & hardware, healthcare or telecom, these courses are conducted by professionals in the respective fields and training is imparted through hands-on learning as well as state-of-the-art infrastructure. Placement assistance is provided for students who successfully complete the courses.

With India's growing population rate, it is projected that 75% of the population will reach employable age by the year 2022. Organizations like Sona Yukti are taking charge of the narrative and already making inroads into each and every town and village of India to achieve the goal set by the Skill India initiative.


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