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India is moving ahead at a very fast pace. We are now recognised as being amongst the fastest growing economies in the world. The removal of licenses, fiscal trade policies, and economic liberalization has paved the way for investments in production. At the same time the growing purchasing power of the population has created an almost insatiable market for consumer goods and durables. International investment too is on the rise. Yet one factor continues to hold us back - the paucity of a readily available, trained and skilled workforce regardless of whether the industry is situated in an urban or rural setting. Time and again, in discourses with the industry, articles in newspapers or journals as well as views of the experts point to the same challenge.

Training programs today are critical in any business, especially in the current economic scenario where there is growth in every sector; it is essential that a recruit be able to work according to evolving functions and features and adapt to new technology.

To address this, we at Sona Yukti have designed and developed training programs based on the needs of the industry. The basic structure of a module follows the standards and structures of the NSQF levels. In addition to this, our repose of subject- matter experts work with the industry to understand where the gaps lie and the need of the hour to create a client-endorsed curriculum; thus ensuring that the needs of each individual organization that depends on our programs get exactly what they want.

We give you every assurance that our end-to-end training solutions will have a direct impact on business performance and business outcomes.

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