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Scope of Retail Sector & Trends to Expect

Scope of Retail Sector & Trends to Expect

The retail sector in India is huge and its scope is only set to increase over the next couple of years. Poised for maximum growth this sector is also attracting enormous skilled workforce who seek promising career opportunities. This is mainly because of the up and coming retail outlets. Drastically increased mall culture and the establishment of supermarket chains has all the more added to the boom of this industry sector. This implies that the scope for the retail sector is tremendous. The growth can mainly be attributed to the dynamically changing patterns of consumer behavior.

The new generation is fuelled by better income slabs and this in turn increases their preferences for the luxury goods that are available in the malls and supermarkets. The changing demographic patterns and lifestyles are hugely contributing to the increase in this retail sector. The scope of the retail market in India is mainly increasing due to the budding elite retail outlets that offer unique and viable goods. There are numerous new entrants who are making waves in the retail market. So, the demand for skilled resources who are well versed with consumer behavior is also increasing.

Role of Branded Products & Purchasing Power

Today, the demand for carefully curated branded products is rapidly increasing. Increased income of the new generation has promoted this kind of purchasing pattern. This demand for specific and personalised products and services has lured many new businesses to make their way into the retail sector. With seasonal discounts and offers, the footfall for the malls and other such outlets are constantly increasing.

Key Trends to Watch Out

The existing key players such as The Shoppers’ Stop, Big Bazar and other supermarket chains are now expanding to smaller towns as well. Many more retail brands are now considering retail sectors and plan to enter this sector either through partnerships or on their own. Soon there will be numerous new entrants who will be hitting the retail market. Having said that, even the rural areas will also serve as a huge ground for the retail industry.

Career Opportunities in Retail Sector

Being emerging and attractive, the retail market offers enormous job opportunities for those who seek a career in this sector. With the growing number of customers, the number of job openings will also surely increase. This industry has the potential to support the new generation of smart and brilliant retail professionals with international caliber. With quick timely updates on the global best practices of the retail industry, these professionals can explore new career horizons.

Top Career Options Available in Retail Industry

Retail sector is undoubtedly a dynamic industry. Made of multiple sub sectors and home to the top brands across the world, this sector serves as a fertile ground for retail professionals. Retail management professionals can begin their careers in:

  • Client communication
  • Sales
  • Administration and management
  • Supervisory

Offering millions of job opportunities throughout the globe, the retail sector is set to be the next best sector for a great career.

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