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Role of Sector Skill Training in Improving Youth Employability in India

Role of Sector Skill Training in Improving Youth Employability in India

Did you ever complete a training program or a short course and still ended up without a job? This is the scenario with most of the candidates. While enrolling into training program is a great way to upgrade your career, it is also equally important to understand whether the training program is bridging the existing skill gap. If it is not, then there is no point in doing the course.

This is exactly where sector skill training can be of great use. Sector skills are those that are hugely in demand by potential employers. Getting trained in these will help candidates bridge their skill gaps and get absorbed by various employment systems. Next comes vocational courses, which are from job functions to trade, vocational courses can help aspiring youth to land on lucrative jobs.

Indian government is keen on creating educational programs that are exclusively based on sector skills. Sona Yukti has joined hands with numerous government initiatives and affiliations. Skill India program is one of the biggest initiatives where the emphasis is on providing training for those sectors, which have good scope of earning. By 2020, 500 million people of India, covering villages, small towns and big cities will be provided with skill-based trainings to improve their chances of employment.

There are several vocational programs that can be taken up by the students looking to work in a skill-based domain. Some of these are:

IT/ITES Sector

Sky is the limit in this sector. Students taking up curriculum in the IT/ITES domain will develop:

  • Computer skills and knowhow
  • Data mining
  • Graphic designing, multimedia and animation
  • Software languages and its several applications
  • Technical documenting
  • Software testing
  • Cyber security details

Textile Industry

This historical industry has seen a boom and 60 - 62 million people are expected to be employed in this sector by 2022 (NSDC reports). Skills that can be developed in this domain are:

  • Drawing frame machines
  • Activities related to tenting
  • Auto-coning
  • Doffing of the cone package
  • Designing for the handloom jacquard
  • Warping machine
  • Handloom weaving

Apparel Industry

With ample scope, the courses in this industry cover the following:

  • Manual sewing and machine-based sewing
  • Quality maintenance through regular QCs
  • Managing customer service department
  • Administrating, planning and organizing

Hospitality Industry

As India is experiencing tourism boom, the hospitality industry holds ample opportunities to job seekers. Within this industry, candidates can learn:

  • How to cater to customers
  • Gender and age sensitive practices
  • Hygiene-related training
  • Inventory maintenance
  • Front desk etiquette
  • Administrative jobs
  • Superior communication and language skills

Media and Entertainment Industry

The media industry’s expanse and reach has evolved 360 degrees. Some of the top courses offered in this industry include:

  • Basic animation principles
  • 2D/3D Toolkit training
  • Generating IT models
  • Textured photo realistic models

Retail Industry

The retail industry works directly with the customer and moves from producing the goods, designing, packaging, transporting to delivering to the end-user. The curriculum in this sector may involve:

  • Customer interaction
  • Managing business processes
  • Delivery and post delivery services
  • Understanding value proposition of the products
  • Product demonstrations
  • Managing retail sales
  • Post sales customer service
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

There are several other industries that come under skills-based employability. However, we have mentioned a few important ones.

At Sona Yukti, we are moving with our vision, mission, and objectives of training youths of this country to help them acquire those skills that employers seek. We also provide professional counseling to enhance their employment opportunities. Our job based training programs make youth employable, thereby helping them in improving their socio economic standards.


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