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C. Valliappa


Mr. Valliappa is the founder of the Sona Valliappa Group (an extension of Sona Group). As a well-known industrialist in South India, his interests range from textiles to the construction industry and all the way to information technology.

He has had the privilege of being the President of both the Industrial (Greater Mysore Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and Trade (Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce & Industry) Chambers of Commerce. C. Valliappa was quintessential in putting India on the IT map when Texas Instruments decided to partner with the Sona Valliappa Group.

C. Valliappa was invited to visit the U.S. as a guest of the White House to understand American business and to identify the future growth of business between India and the US - a rare honor vested on only one businessman each year.

Chocko Valliappa

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

Chocko Valliappa comes from a family of entrepreneurs, pioneering India's growth in textiles, agriculture, plantations and more. Recognizing the importance of new technology, he founded the Valliappa Software Tech Park launching Oracle, CISCO and VeriFone in 1995.

In the year 2000 he was the moving force behind 'Vee Technologies', a global services company focused in Revenue Cycle Management, Healthcare, & Engineering services.

Driving the business from success to success has not prevented him from indulging in a philanthropic spirit that recognizes that - the need of the day, the nation and people is skill development.

Krishnan Kuppuswamy


Krishnan has a total of over three decades of corporate experience at management level. While serving in the Indian Air Force (IAF), Mr. Krishnan worked on Mainframes and PC networks for two decades in the fields of inventory management, personnel management and purchase management.

He has accumulated abundant knowledge in the areas of system analysis, design, project management and application development for hi-tech defence missions. Being commissioned in the Logistics Branch of the IAF, his experience in planning, organizing and executing complex Logistics and Information Technology activities in the Defense Forces, including Defense Research and Development Organization is extensive.

Upon his voluntary retirement from the IAF , Wing Commander Krishnan served as Chief of Operations for the Enterprise Software Division of Accel Frontline in Chennai for 3 years and worked with large U.S. clients on various assignments.

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