Sonayukti Vision And Mission

Vision & Mission

The inspiration that led to Sona Yukti was based on the ideals of Karumuttu Thiagarajan Chettiar, a visionary who believed that the success story of new and emerging India would best be achieved through education. He established the Thiagarajar Polytechnic College in 1958. Even at that nascent stage in the country’s development he realised that the need was for skilled personnel.

The vision has been carried forward by successive generations and thus we have today, Sona Yukti. It was established to impart demand-driven and market relevant courses to address skill development and training. The objectives are sustainable transformation through learning and skills development, improving business productivity, and enhancing employability and entrepreneurship; generate a positive environmental or social change within communities, the country, and the neighbourhood.


To help youth across the country acquire skills that are relevant to employers, assist them with professional counselling, and improve their employment opportunities.


To engage in providing skill development training and make available affordable employment-oriented and placement-linked training to youth across the country and contribute towards the improvement of the socio-economic status of the underprivileged.


  • Lend a hand in building confidence and developing the essential skills needed to succeed in the professional world
  • Provide vocational skills training that result in job opportunities
  • Fulfil the labour demands of high-growth sectors
  • Give wings to entrepreneurs

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