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Medical Coding-A Career in Demand

Medical Coding-A Career in DemandMedical coding is one of the fastest growing fields in the US healthcare industry. It is also one of the most outsourced jobs in the US because of a variety of reasons, ranging from a shortage of qualified medical coders to more cost-effective pricing models that result in greater savings for US healthcare organizations. This has led to greater demand for medical coding professionals from the educated, English-speaking, and qualified talent pool in countries like India.

In the US, healthcare services, both minor and major, are reimbursed by insurance companies who depend on accurate medical codes of diagnoses and procedures for their medical billing requirements. These codes help to make the billing process faster, accurate, and easier. With the transition from paper-based documentation to electronic health records, medical coders do not need to be hospital based as they used to be in the past. This is another factor that contributes to the easy outsourcing of medical coding work to countries like India. All of these factors guarantee that there will always be a demand for medical coders for the US healthcare industry.

There are many companies in India that specialize in offshore medical coding. Some of the key players are Vee Technologies, United Health Group, Omega Healthcare, Logix Health, Hinduja Global Solutions, and XL Healthcare. There are many other companies that may be smaller in size but are still active in the field of medical coding. The major companies recruit coders in large numbers and are always on the lookout for qualified medical coders.

This is why the Tech Mahindra Foundation and the Valliappa Foundation-Sona Yukti have joined hands to provide a free medical coding training course as part of their CSR initiatives. This 6-month course, conducted in Chennai, is open to students from all graduate streams (with a preference for life sciences). With professional training by experts combined with soft skills training and advanced infrastructure, labs, and libraries, the course ensures that students are fully prepared to face the world as capable professionals by the end of the program.

The last few months of the course include an internship in leading medical coding companies (which may transition to confirmed jobs depending on merit) as well as 100% placement assurance for successful students.

By enrolling for courses such as this, students are able to avail professional training in medical coding without paying hefty fees like in other courses. It is also a hands-on course that gives students much needed exposure to the real working world of a professional medical coder, which results in increased confidence when facing job interviews.

Medical coding is a career that ensures a life of intellectual fulfilment combined with financial security. This is a chance that is not to be missed!


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