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Electronics & Hardware

The electronics & hardware industry in India has been going through a major shift, moving away from the consumption driven model to being a manufacturing driven one. This has been due to the Make In India initiative launched by the Government of India, along with the increasing interest from foreign manufacturers to shift their base to India. This would lead to the generation of a large number of jobs across a wide variety of sectors in the electronics & hardware industry. A recent study by ASSOCHAM-EY states that the industry will grow by more than 10% by 2018.

The Government of India is actively taking steps to attract foreign investment in this sector through its economic policies. The increasing market demand and foreign interest has led to the industry opening up with millions of job opportunities, but there is a gap in the supply and demand of skilled manpower to meet these requirements.

It is there that Sona Yukti, affiliated with the NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) and in collaboration with the Government of India, is conducting courses that will meet these demands. These courses will provide the necessary specialized technical knowledge and skillsets that are required to have a successful career in this field.

To address this increase in human resource requirement, Sona Yukti offers industry ready education for the Electronics and Hardware industry that aim at building competency in:

  • Camera and hardware Installation
  • Client and site requirements

Participants are given a complete understanding of the concepts and processes involved in Electronics and Hardware, aligned to National Skills Qualification for the post of:

  • CCTV installer

The training program culminates in placement. The placement cell has tied up with the best in industry and every successful participant is ensured a job that meets their skills and knowledge.

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