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Kaam Kendra Empowering Unemployed Youth

Kaam Kendra

Determined to make urban and rural school dropouts employable, Sona Yukti has come up with a new setup named Kaam Kendra. The set up includes multiple technical training centres where candidates will be trained with job-specific skill sets. In addition, small-sized Computer Training Institutes can partner with us to conduct the training program.

By setting up short training camps across multiple local training institutes and computer centres, the scope of the training program increases significantly. As a result, urban and rural area candidates can be able to participate in the training program.

Following are some of the major objectives that we strive to achieve:

  • Educate basic employment skills
  • Provide qualified and customized industry-specific job training
  • Ensure self-sufficiency and socio-economic growth among aspiring youths
  • Increase employment opportunities for the unemployed youth
  • Balance the developmental growth in all sectors
  • Support youths to get white collar jobs

Tailored Job Skills for Unemployed Youth

Kaam Kendra exclusively targets unemployed youths from both rural and urban who discontinued their education (post middle school and/or high school). Aimed to develop such candidates, Kaam Kendra involves training programs spannig across 3 days to impart job skills for the unemployed youth.

Sona Yukti provides the training wherein HireMee is the platform that supports placement assistance. With the efforts of two ace sister concerns of The Sona Group – Sona Yukti and HireMee, Kaam Kendra is all set to empower the Indian youths like never before.

Unique Training and Development Model

Crafted into a unique training model, this training program enables small and mid-sized training institutes as well as small computer centres to become our partner for imparting technical skills training.

How Does the Training Work?

With a simple yet effective model for training and placement, here is how Sona Yukti and HireMee work in tandem to make this training a huge success:

  • Candidates enroll into training and complete the training
  • Candidates take up the assessment
  • Employers view the assessment results across HireMee
  • Employers reach out to candidates whose skills match their requirements

Online Registration for Kaam Kendra

Candidates can register for this training program by filling up all the required details in the online registration form. After the registration is completed, our team will contact the candidates and provide the information about the training commencement date and other required details.

Placement assistance will be given within 30 to 90 days upon training completion wherein candidates need to pay minimum charges for the same.

Want to Become Our Franchise Partner?

Sona Yukti will identify small institutes & computer centres and make a mutual deal for franchise partnership. Following that, Sona Yukti will set up the training model with required infrastructure that will be effective for the batches.

We welcome you to partner with us to travel in this exhilarating journey of imparting job skills to all the unemployed youths.

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Please feel free to reach Mr. Manigandan on +91 99864 51122 and/or write to manigandan.k@sonayukti.com

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