Sonayukti Construction Programs
Building a new future through construction industry courses


Almost 16 percent of the Indian population depends on construction for their livelihood. The construction sector employs 30 million people, which today is still not adequate to meet the demand. An NSDC report states that there will be a need for a 76.5 million work force.

In a fast growing and evolving industry, the need for skilled labour becomes a necessity. Currently it is a common practice for workers to be trained by traditional master craftsmen. In this scenario, a person does learn the skills slowly and surely, but doesn’t have the opportunity to become aware of new technologies or work methods, nor can they absorb the benefits of research and development. Furthermore, since the master trains only the menfolk, women workers remain head load carriers or helpers throughout their working lives.

There is an increasing demand in the residential and commercial space, roads and highways, aviation, and various linked sectors for availability of state-of-the-art infrastructure. To achieve this, it is evident that there has to be an impetus towards training that will provide better construction management and skilled manpower with technical abilities.

To address this increase in human resource requirement, Sona Yukti offers industry ready education for the construction industry that aims at building competency in:

  • Material handling
  • Shifting
  • Storing
  • Cement preparation
  • Concrete and mortar preparation
  • Masonry work support
  • Routine masonry work (brick work, block work, paving, plastering, waterproofing, floor work, etc.)
  • Placing, levelling, and finishing RCC and PCC
  • Bar bending and fixing works
  • Handle material related to shuttering
  • Assemble and dismantle formwork
  • Painting and decorating
  • Electrical works

The courses prepare participants for the posts of:

  • Helper Mason
  • Mason General
  • Mason Tiling
  • Mason Concrete
  • Helper Bar Bender & Steel Fixer
  • Bar Bender & Steel fixer
  • Helper Shuttering Carpenter
  • Shuttering Carpenter System
  • Construction painter & Decorator
  • Helper Electrician
  • Assistant Electrician


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