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Skill Training is the Key To Your Career

Skill Training is the Key To Your CareerGone are the days when only a graduation or post-graduation held the key to a secure job. There was a time when an MBA was the ticket to a dream career leading to the mushrooming of so many institutes offering this degree and a stampede at their gates! If not an MBA, then it was MCA, engineering, or other IT-related courses that drew students like bees to honey. However, is that true today, as we inch towards the year 2020?

The short answer is, no. Today, with organizations like Sona Yukti, you can be assured of a secure, satisfying, and lucrative job even without spending lakhs of rupees on expensive courses. The Government of India is promoting skill development training very seriously, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi even saying, "if we have to move towards development, then skill development should be our mission".

So what is skill development training and how does it help you? Essentially, these are short-term, industry-specific courses that combine theoretical principles with hands-on training, thus preparing youngsters to take on the world with confidence and efficiency. Some skill development organizations like Sona Yukti also offer placement support along with soft skills training and job placement training which help students to ace their interviews with confidence.

Students can choose from a wide variety of short-term courses in Sona Yukti that span across different industry verticals, ranging from IT/ITES to construction, textiles to electronics & hardware, apparel to healthcare, tourism & hospitality to beauty & wellness, media & entertainment to telecom and retail. This means that students can choose a course that really appeals to their interest and matches with their aptitude. Choosing a career based on interest and aptitude is a guarantee for success in life!

Sona Yukti also offers free medical coding training in association with the Tech Mahindra Foundation in Chennai. It has also partnered with NSDC to train students in Japanese language and specific domains. Being empanelled as a Sending Organization, it facilitates the placement of students for jobs in Japan, thus opening the doors for international careers for students. This TITP, or Technical Intern Training Program, for jobs in Japan, is conducted in Krishnagiri (where Sona Yukti's newest center has opened) as well as in Bangalore.

Youngsters need not worry anymore about their future if they fail to secure admissions into long-term, expensive courses. With skill development training programs like Sona Yukti's, the future is very bright for students from even the most rural places of India!


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