SonaYukti Retail Programs
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Store Operations Assistant

Educational Qualification: NA

Experience: 0 – 1 year

Age: 18 years

In this course a candidate will learn about service in a retail environment as well as moving, receiving, and storing products. The course content will cover:

Receiving and storing goods – starts with preparation where the participants learns to identify the quantity and nature of goods that will be received and ensuring that space for storage is adequate and complete the relevant paper work. The next stage is being able to check the goods against a delivery note, record it, and update the stock control system. To store the goods the participants will learn in detail about storage requirement, conditions, and the difference in storage procedure between perishable and non-perishable goods

Deliver goods to customers – ensuring that they are as per order, delivered on the due date, delivered at the right address and the right time. Participants learn about checking prior to delivery, checking transport used, and maintaining records.

Maintain stocks – by checking existing stock levels, replenishing depleting stocks, and filling shelves when the need arises. Participants will learn to follow instructions, observe safety precautions, and fill shelves without disturbing anyone and without damaging goods. They will learn about fault finding procedures, reporting / documentation procedures, and how to keep security systems in place for loss prevention.

Health and safety procedure – to identify and report accidents and/or emergencies as well as maintain health and safety at work.

The training will cover all technical skills and soft skills with particular emphasis on professional behavior, etiquette, and verbal and non-verbal communication.

The approach is interactive, where the participants learn by doing. The sessions will be theoretical as well as practical. On completing the training the candidate will be proficient in executing the duties of a store operations assistant in a retail setting.