SonaYukti Retail Programs
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Retail Cashier

Educational Qualification: NA

Experience: 0-1 year

Age: 18 years

In this course a candidate will learn about service and processing customer transactions and payments. The course content will cover:

Monitor receipt practices and processes at cash point/POC - participants will learn to ensure that staff operate and handle cash points correctly as well as identify and resolve problems. They will learn about modes of payment and refunds.

Customer centric methods for - service at point of sale, company procedure on restrictions such as age, types of payments that can be received, procedure for authorizing non-cash transactions, dealing with fraud, etc.

Process customer orders - participants will learn a step-by-step method which starts with checking availability, checking quality and specification to ensure that product meets customer expectation, and informing the customer about status and delivery schedule.

Part exchange and payments - based on value, the participants will learn to ascertain the value, negotiations, and Point of Sale service. They will also learn about the types of payment, the importance of cash and payment related security, identifying counterfeit payment, and handling issues related to payment machinery.

Cash and credit transactions - follow guidelines for checking charges, setting credit limits, investigate missed payments, process payments to customer accounts, and keeping records of payments made. Participants will also be given awareness on risk factors related to credit transactions.

The training will cover all technical skills and soft skills with particular emphasis on professional behavior, etiquette, and verbal and non-verbal communication.

The approach is interactive, where the participants learn by doing. The sessions will be theoretical as well as practical. On completing the training the candidate will be proficient in executing the duties of a cashier in a retail setting.