Sewing Machine Operator

Educational Qualification: Preferably class V

Experience: Preferably 2 years

Age: 18 years

In this course the participants will learn to sew fabric, stitch components of garments, manufacture apparel, made-ups, and home furnishing

The course will cover:

Stitching by hand or machine - which starts with learning about the machine and its components, the required tools, different kinds of fabric and apparel, and setting everything in readiness for production. Participants will learn to follow instruction on the work ticket, check material for flaws, and ensure that the material used meets specifications. They will also learn the techniques of using a machine or hand stitching to create a finished product.

Product quality - participants will be trained to adhere to strict standards of quality; they will learn to identify flaws/defects. They will learn the correct procedure of sewing. They will learn to follow guidelines and continual checking of each detail in the product.

Maintain tools, health, safety and security - so that all equipment is in flawless condition at all times and there is no hazard that can endanger personnel safety or be a risk to health and wellbeing. Participants will be trained to maintain the cleanliness of their work area, minimize waste, and correct disposal of waste. They will also be instructed on all matters related to health, hygiene, and safety for the individual and at the work place

The training will cover all technical skills and soft skills; with particular emphasis on professional behaviour, etiquette, and verbal and nonverbal communication.

The approach is interactive, where the participants learn by doing. The sessions will be theoretical as well as practical. On completing the training the candidate will be proficient at sewing, making apparel, made-ups, and home furnishing.



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