Self-Employed Tailor

Education - Preferably class VIII

Experience - Preferably 3-6 months (sewing on an ordinary sewing machine)

Age - 18 years

In this course the participants will learn to sew, mend or alter garments, made-ups, and home furnishing at their own premise. They will be given guidance on the procedures of running a business, correct posture and lifting and handling procedure.

The course content will cover:

Drafting patterns and cutting fabric - the participants learn to take measurements and draft patterns according to the measurements taken/provided, place the patterns on the fabric, and cut the cloth. They will learn to measure fabric and place it on a table according to the grain line and the drafted paper pattern. They will become familiar with the various kinds of fabric and how they are to be handled while cutting and sewing.

Setting machine controls and sewing - participants will be given a thorough understanding of each part of the sewing machine. They will learn to set the controls such as thread tension, bobbins, stitch length, needle position, etc. They will learn to control and run the machine as well as join the components and other sewing techniques, which include sewing by hand.

Quality check and alterations - participants will be instructed on how to conduct a quality check of the stitched product/ garment to identify necessary alterations; they will be instructed on using the tools and techniques of making alterations.

Health, safety, and security in the workshop - participants will learn the principles of tidiness, cleanliness, personal hygiene, and adhering to health and safety standards. They will become aware of potential risks and threats associated with a shop as well as equipment. They will also learn basic first aid, firefighting, and emergency response.

Maintenance of machinery, equipment, and tools - is an essential activity where the participants will learn about the upkeep and maintenance of all the tools and equipment needed at work. They will learn how to clean and oil the machine and moving parts, keep needles and accessories in an appropriate and easy to access place, and keep scissors clean to avoid rust and any other damage.

The training will cover all technical skills and soft skills. There will be particular emphasis on professional behaviour, etiquette, as well as verbal and non-verbal communication.

The approach is interactive, where the participants learn by doing. The sessions will be theoretical as well as practical. On completing the training the candidate will be proficient at tailoring and running a shop.



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