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The Indian apparel industry is one of the largest in the world. It is also the second largest provider of employment in India. There is tremendous scope for skilled and trained people in this industry because of its substantial growth. The apparel industry is a high growth sector growing at 13% per annum and contributing to nearly 17% of India’s export revenue. Its connection to the fashion industry means that both domestic and international retail stores and chains will require skilled personnel to meet growing demands.

This is where Sona Yukti steps in by providing comprehensive courses that meet the demands of the industry while empowering individuals to create a secure life for themselves. We conduct courses that train you for employment or become an entrepreneur. The sewing machine operator and self-employed tailor course cover:

  • All the skills required for sewing by hand or on a sewing machine
  • Monitor and maintain quality
  • Customer service
  • Planning and organizing

Sona Yukti’s certified courses are affiliated to the Government of India and the National Skill Development Corporation. They also ensure job placement to all successful candidates.

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