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Spa Therapist

Course: Spa Therapist
Qualification: Class 10
Experience: 12 months
Age: NA

In this course a candidate will learn how to carry out spa treatments. The course content will cover:

  • Perform spa treatment which starts with greetings and the client’s comfort. The candidate will be able to advise the client on the various types of therapy and also recommend the therapy from which the client will benefit most. S/he will also learn about procedure, products (oils and creams), tools, equipment, spa therapy techniques and massage techniques.
  • Work area health and safety to ensure that hygiene standards are maintained in terms of self, tools and equipment. This section deals with learning how to maintain cleanliness, sterilization and dealing with waste. Candidates will be trained on good posture and positions that minimize fatigue and the risk of injury. It will also cover legal compliance, potential risks and hazards and maintaining reports.
  • Appearance and behavior and good manners are an essential in this position as it is a good appearance, proper grooming and good customer etiquette that creates the right impression on a client. Candidates will be given instructions on the do's and don'ts, using appropriate language, interacting with clients from diverse socio cultural back ground and attending/resolving queries. The training will cover all technical skills and soft skills; with particular emphasis on professional behavior, etiquette, verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • The approach is interactive, where the participants learn by doing. The sessions will be theoretical as well as practical. On completing the training the candidate will be proficient with the spa therapist related services and adept in service orientation.


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