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Japanese Delegate, Mr. Abe from Toyokoto Visited Sona Yukti

Japanese delegate, Mr. Abe from Toyokoto, Japan, visited Sona Yukti on 9th July, 2019. After a pleasant welcome ceremony, Mr. Abe had a brief interaction with the management team, which included Mr. Muralidhar, COO and Ms. Soujanya Prakash, AVP along with the other staff members who were present during the visit. Later technical interns at Sona Yukti were presented with an opportunity to interact with Mr. Abe. He was impressed by the Japanese language fluency of the Sona Yukti’s technical interns and intended to hire them for reputed companies in Japan.

Mr. Abe whole-heartedly appreciated the training programs offered by Sona Yukti and the language fluency exhibited by the technical interns. Numerous opportunities in the job market of Japan were elaborated in the meeting and the technical interns were also interviewed. Some of the candidates managed to successfully complete the interview. Considering the enormous pool of talent at Sona Yukti, Mr. Abe was positive about getting our technical interns placed in Japanese companies.


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