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Chocko Valliappa

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director - Vee Technologies


Soujanya Prakash

Chocko Valliappa comes from a family of entrepreneurs, pioneering India's growth in textiles, agriculture, plantations and more. Recognizing the importance of new technology, he founded the Valliappa Software Tech Park launching Oracle, CISCO and VeriFone in 1995.

In the year 2000 he was the moving force behind 'Vee Technologies', a global services company focused in Revenue Cycle Management, Healthcare, & Engineering services.

Driving the business from success to success has not prevented him from indulging in a philanthropic spirit that recognizes that - the need of the day, the nation and people is skill development.

He has put in time and energy into the Sona Foundation's community centers, guiding a team of experts in developing skill and vocation based training programs for the under privileged. Another project dear to his heart is 'Sona Yukti'. This is a non-profit, initiative, where he can build a pool of skilled talent and trained professionals who will be able to find employment in the various segments of industry through direct placement.

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