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Are you looking to work for an MNC or want to take up an alternate career? Sona Yukti’s Japanese language program can give you a boost in looking for jobs abroad staying right in Guwahati. You do not have to move out of Guwahati to pursue this course. The additional advantage is you have an alternative career option that boosts your skills. It’s a dream come true opportunity for you as you will get to work with Japanese or Indian MNCs.

Why take up Japanese Language Program?

As the world is essentially turning global and international markets have opened, two countries Japan and USA are conquering the world. They are increasingly turning into huge market for providing jobs to the youth. Japan currently is the second largest job provider just after USA and is also the second largest economy in the world. The language has 128.3 million speakers in almost all parts of the globe considered the 9th most popular language.

Currently there are more than 1400 registered Japanese companies that work out of India. Japan provides jobs to people at a very high rate. In terms of employability, it stands second largest globally, just after USA. As there are many Japanese companies entering the Indian market, youth in India can now dream of working in big MNCs in India.

How do you benefit from learning Japanese Language from Guwahati?

  • You have better opportunities for international placements
  • You can work as Japanese teacher or interpreter
  • You can now learn the Japanese culture
  • Japan provides opportunities to learn latest technology
  • You are equipped with better skills
  • You can have broader perspectives

Job Opportunities:

There are great opportunities for you to work in challenging roles as in Japanese translator plus various other technical roles in Japanese MNCs. You may also receive higher salary because of your training in Japanese language. You could also work as bilingual engineer and get to work in Japan. Moreover, you could work in different companies out of Guwahati.


If you have done JLPT N4 and N5 in India and maybe you wish to study Japanese language, there are several opportunities in Japanese companies:

  • IT sector offers jobs in software and design engineer
  • Manufacturing sector and the service industry

Course Module and Training details:

There are two levels of JLPT course provided by Sona Yukti. This course helps you to understand and speak Japanese language even when you aren’t aware it.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test comes in two levels:

S. No Course Level Educational Qualification Duration Hours
1 TITP - Japanese Language, Culture, Softskills & Basic IT ITI/Diploma 6 Months 420 hours
2 Japanese Language Proficiency N5, N4 Level BE/B.Tech IT/CSE/Mechanical/Electrical/Civil 6 Months 420 hours

There are two levels of courses, TITP- which teaches Japanese language, its culture, soft skills and basic IT skills. Enrolling for this course requires diploma in technology. The course is for 6 months. For Japanese language proficiency N5, N4 level, you will need a BE/B. Tech in IT or CSE, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil. The course covers advanced Japanese language and is conducted for 6 months.

Those students who understand JLPT N4 level can be placed in IT, manufacturing, automotive, and many other Japanese companies placed in India. Moreover, you have the opportunity of being trained by a native language expert.

What are the eligibility criteria?

  • You will need ITI or diploma for TITP level
  • You need to be a BE/B. Tech from either IT or CSE or Mechanical/Electrical/Civil

Training and Placement Details:

Our training is designed in such a way that it enables you with international placements. Our weekdays, weekends, and evening classes provide varied opportunities where you can understand the Japanese culture, receive opportunities of working in Japan and more.



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